Principal Investigator

Asif A. Ghazanfar [CV]

Associate Research Scholar

Daniel Y. Takahashi, Pew Latin American Fellow [Personal webpage]

Post-doctoral fellows

Yisi Zhang

Morgan Gustison (arriving in June 2017)

Research Staff

Lauren Kelly, Lab Manager

Graduate Students

Jeremy Borjon, NSF Graduate Fellow (Psychology)

Diana Liao, NSF Graduate Fellow (Princeton Neuroscience Institute)

Undergraduate Students

Rhoda Lynch

A.J. Sermarini


Alicia Fenley, Psychology/Neuroscience
----now a clinical psychology graduate student at Boston University
Rebecca Terrett, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology/Neuroscience
Peppar Cyr, Psychology/Neuroscience
----now a graduate student at University of Cambridge
Darshana Narayanan (Graduate student, Psychology)
Ipek Kulahci (Graduate student, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology)
----now a postdoc at University College Cork, Ireland
Diego Cordero, Research Technician
----now a research technician at Harvard University
Yayoi Teramoto, Independent Concentrator/Quantitative Neuroscience
----now a graduate student at Oxford University
Randi Brown, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology/Neuroscience
----now a graduate student at Oxford University
Alicia Fenley, Psychology/Neuroscience
----now a research assistant at Princeton University and Rutgers University
Clare Jung Yoon Choi, Undergraduate, Psychology
----now a graduate student at Princeton University
Maia ten Brink, Undergraduate, Psychology
----freelance writer
Jenny Wu, Undergraduate, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology/Neuroscience
----missing in action
Christopher Luminais, Undergraduate, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology/Neuroscience
----now a medical student at Jefferson Medical College
Sabina Hlavaty, Undergraduate, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology/Neuroscience
----now pursuing pre-veterinary studies
Stephen V. Shepherd, Postdoctoral fellow
----now a Postdoctoral research associate at Rockefeller University, New York
Marco Lanzilotto, visiting graduate student
----continuing at the University of Modeno & Reggio Emilia, Italy.
Luis Lemus, Postdoctoral fellow
----now an Assistant Professor at the Instituto de Fisiología Celular-Neurociencias, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Mexico City.
Chand Chandrasekaran, Graduate student
----PhD Dissertation: "Natural signal structure and its role in audiovisual communication"
----now a post-doctoral fellow at Stanford University
Hjalmar Turesson, Graduate student
----PhD Dissertation: "Amplitude modulation of acoustic communication signals"
----now a post-doctoral fellow at Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil
Matthew Slayton, Research assistant
----now a graduate student at the University of Chicago.
Neil Mathur, Undergraduate, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology/Neuroscience
----Senior thesis: "Exploring vocal tract dynamics and the evolution of speech through cineradiography"
----now a medical student at Albany Medical College
Shawn Steckenfinger, Monkey Synthesizer, Lab technician extraordinaire
----Associate Research Specialist, Wisconsin National Primate Research Center
Andrea Trubanova, Undergraduate, Psychology/Neuroscience
----Senior thesis: "Audiovisual speech perception: relative timing of modalities during integration"
----a former Cohen fellow, Marcus Autism Center and Emory University
----now a graduate student at Virginia Tech
Ryan Morrill, Undergraduate, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology/Neuroscience
----Senior thesis: "Temporal dynamics of monkey rhythmic facial expressions: implications for the evolution of audiovisual speech"
----now a graduate student at UCSF
PJ Henley, Undergraduate, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology/Neuroscience
----Senior thesis: "Perspective-taking and gaze following ontogeny in rhesus macaques"
----now a researcher at the Mayo Clinic, Pulmonary Division
Jeremy Borjon, Undergraduate, Psychology/Neuroscience
----Senior thesis: "The influence of observed eye gaze and facial expression on spatial hearing"
----a former Simons fellow, Marcus Autism Center and Emory University
----now an NSF Graduate Fellow in the lab Daniel Watford, Undergraduate, Molecular Biology/Neuroscience
----Senior thesis: "Outer ear development and spatial hearing in Rhesus Macaques: the role of heterochrony"
----now a medical student at UNC Chapel Hill
Geoff Nelson, Undergraduate, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology/Neuroscience
----Senior thesis: "Multimodal and motor influences on vocal perception"
----now a graduate student at the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Cambridge UK
Tiffany Bass, Monkey Whisperer
----now a veterinary nurse, preparing for veterinary school
Aitalohi Amaize, Undergraduate (Psychology/Neuroscience)
----Senior thesis: "Do monkeys prefer consonance over dissonance?"
----now a Masters student at the Bloomberg School of Public Health at Johns Hopkins University
Adam Litterman, Undergraduate (Molecular Biology/Neuroscience)
----Senior thesis: "Statistical learning of social signals"
----now a PhD student at University of Minnesota
Joost X. Maier, Graduate Student
----Doctoral thesis: "Perceptual and neural processing of multisensory looming signals"
----now an Assistant Professor at Wake Forest University